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The Eagles formed in Los Angeles as four musicians from varied backgrounds and locales when Linda Ronstadt's then-manager, John Boylan, extracted Frey, Leadon, and Meisner from their affiliations. Drummer Don Henley had migrated west from Texas with his band, Shiloh. Guitarist Glenn Frey was a rocker from Detroit who headed to Los Angeles, where he befriended fellow musicians Jackson Browne and John David Souther. Bernie Leadon, who plays a variety of stringed instruments, boasted a bluegrass background and belonged to the Flying Burrito Brothers. Bassist and high-harmony singer Randy Meisner played with such country- and folk-rock mainstays as Rick Nelson, James Taylor and Poco. After touring together in 1971 as members of Linda Ronstadt's band, they went off on their own and were honing the repertoire of songs that would appear on their debut album, Eagles. This album was filled with pure, sometimes innocent country rock. Their second album, Desperado, was themed on Old West outlaws and introduced the group's penchant for conceptual songwriting.

To record their third album, On the Border, the group selected producer Glyn Johns, who previously worked with Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and The Who. The band wanted to rock, but Johns tended to extract the lush side of the band's double-edged music. After completing two thirds of the album with Johns, the band turned to Bill Szymczyk to produce the rest of the album. Szymczyk brought in Don Felder to add slide guitar to a song called "Good Day in Hell", and the band was blown away. Two days later Felder became the fifth Eagle. On the Border yielded a #1 Billboard single in the song "Best of My Love", which hit the top of the charts on March 1, 1975.

Their next album, One of These Nights, had an aggressive, sinewy rock stance. Between the album and the subsequent tour, Bernie Leadon left the group, disillusioned about the direction the band's music was taking. The group replaced Leadon with Joe Walsh, a veteran of such groups as the James Gang and Barnstorm and a solo artist in his own right. The addition of Walsh made the group's aim perfectly clear: they wanted to rock. The title track from One of These Nights hit #1 on the Billboard chart August 2, 1975. By this time, the people in the band started clashing with each other and there were intra-band fights.

The group's next album, Hotel California in 1976, was about the pursuit of the American dream -- 1970s style. Using California as a metaphor for the nation, the Eagles wrote about innocence ("New Kid in Town", a #1 hit in Billboard on February 26, 1977) and temptations ("Life In The Fast Lane" and the classic title track, a #1 hit in Billboard on May 7, 1977) of that pursuit. During the final leg of the ensuing tour, however, Randy Meisner decided he had had enough hotel rooms in his seven years as an Eagle and left the band for the relative quiet of Nebraska to recuperate and instigate a solo career. The Eagles replaced Meisner with the man who had succeeded him in Poco, Timothy B. Schmit.

In February 1978, the Eagles went into the studio to produce their final studio album, The Long Run. The album took two years to make, but yielded the group's fifth and last #1 single in Billboard, "Heartache Tonight" (November 10, 1979). The tour to promote the album intensified personality differences between band members. Following The Long Run tour, in 1980, the band broke up, and all of the members had solo careers of varying degrees of success.

In 1993, thirteen of country's hottest acts recorded the tribute album Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles, and Travis Tritt insisted on having the Long Run-era Eagles in his video for "Take It Easy." The album's triple-platinum success helped trigger an Eagles reunion a year later. Glenn Frey announced at the start of a 1994 concert for MTV's cameras that the Eagles' 14-year-old "vacation" had ended. "We see this not as a reunion but a resumption," Frey explained. The personnel was the five Long Run era members, supplemented by additional players on stage. The ensuing tour spawned a live album entitled Hell Freezes Over (named for Henley's statement that the group would get back together only when hell froze over), and a single, "Get Over It."

Controversy followed on September 12, 1996 when the band dedicated "Peaceful Easy Feeling" to Saddam Hussein at a United States Democratic Party fundraiser held in Los Angeles.

On January 12, 1998, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Jimmy Buffett as their presenter. During the induction ceremony, all seven former members played together on stage. Several subsequent reunion tours would follow, notable for their record-setting ticket prices.

On November 11, 1999, the Recording Association of America names the Eagles to its list of Artists of the Century, putting them in the elite company of the Beatles, Garth Brooks, Elton John, Elvis Presley and Barbra Streisand. It is also announced that Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 had sold 26 million copies, making it the top-selling album of the 20th century.

In February 2001, Don Felder was fired from the group; Felder and the Eagles filed lawsuits against each other. Also in 2001, the Eagles were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.

The Eagles Third Highest Selling Band
March 28, 2001

Here you go! LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Eagles have soared to "record" status. The Recording Industry Association of America announced Tuesday that the "Hotel California" rockers now rank as the third highest-selling band in the United States. A recent audit by the Eagles' label, Elektra Records, boosted its ALBUM sales by more than 17 million, for a total of 83.5 million. The Eagles, known for such hits as "Desperado" and "Take it Easy," now follow only The Beatles, with 163.5 million ALBUM sales, and Led Zeppelin, with 103.5 million. Pink Floyd has fallen to fourth place with 68.5 million ALBUM sales. The band's Their Greatest Hits: 1971-75 remains the best-selling album in history for sales of 27 million copies.

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In 2003, the Eagles released a new single, the September 11th-themed "Hole in the World."

In 2005, the Eagles consist of Frey, Henley, Walsh, and Schmit. On their Farewell Tour I, they are supplemented by eight additional players including a horn section.

As of early 2005, the statistics on the Eagles reveal their influence as a rock and roll band. The group's first best-of collection, Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975, is the best-selling album of all time, having sold 28 million copies. It was the first album to be certified platinum (1 million sold) by the Recording Industry Association of America, which introduced that classification in 1976. They released four consecutive #1 albums between 1975 and 1979 - One of These Nights, Hotel California, The Long Run, and Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 - which collectively topped Billboard's album chart for 27 weeks. Proving they hadn't lost their touch, the 1994 reunion album Hell Freezes Over occupied the #1 spot for two weeks. The Eagles charted five #1 hits, and five more singles made the Top Ten. They sold more albums in the Seventies than any other American band. Moreover, although the band was inactive in the Eighties, their back catalog steadily sold 1.5 million copies a year to help bring their total albums sales to an astounding 120 MILLION ALBUMS (90 million in the U.S. alone)!

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Band Birthdates

Don Felder:  September 21, 1947

Glenn Frey:  November 6, 1948

Don Henley:  July 22, 1947

Bernie Leadon:  July 19, 1947

Randy Meisner:  March 8, 1947

Timothy B. Schmit:  October 30, 1947

Joe Walsh:  November 20, 1947

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During the summer of 2005, Maria and I had the privilege to see the Eagles live in concert.  After witnessing the professionalism, creativity, and wonderful harmony of this legendary band during their twenty-nine song nearly three-hour long concert, I can now clearly see why this band has become and has remained one of the best there is, period!  It was very obvious why they have been able to sell over 120 million albums (not singles and albums, ALBUMS alone) and remain one of the most popular, vibrant, and noteworthy bands of our time.  They are just as vital and creative today in 2005 as they were almost thirty-five years ago during their beginnings - many thanks to the Eagles for a night we won't ever forget!

Concert Set List:

The Long Run
New Kid In Town
Wasted Time
Peaceful Easy Feeling
I Can't Tell You Why
One Of These Nights
One Day At A Time
Lyin' Eyes
The Boys Of Summer
In The City
Already Gone


Tequila Sunrise
Love Will Keep Us Alive
No More Cloudy Days
Hole In The World
Take It To The Limit
You Belong To The City
Walk Away
Sunset Grill
Life's Been Good
Dirty Laundry
Funk 49
Heartache Tonight
Life In The Fast Lane

Encore 1:
Hotel California

Encore 2:
Rocky Mountain Way
All She Wants To Do Is Dance

Encore 3:
Take It Easy


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1972 The Eagles
#22 US
US Sales: 1,000,000

1973 Desperado
#41 US, #39 UK
US Sales: 2,000,000

1974 On the Border
#17 US, #28 UK
US Sales: 2,000,000

1975 One of These Nights
#1 US, #8 UK
US Sales: 4,000,000

1976 Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)
(compilation) #1 US, #2 UK
US Sales: 28,000,000

1976 Hotel California
#1 US, #2 UK
US Sales: 16,000,000

1979 The Long Run
#1 US, #4 UK
US Sales: 7,000,000

1980 Eagles Live
#6 US, #24 UK
US Sales: 7,000,000

1982 The Eagles Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
(compilation) #52 US
US Sales: 11,000,000

1984 The Best of the Eagles
(European compilation) #8 UK

1994 The Very Best of The Eagles (1994)
(European compilation) #4 UK

1994 Hell Freezes Over
(live album) #1 US, #18 UK
US Sales: 7,000,000

2000 Selected Works: 1972-1999
(box set) #109 US
US Sales: 1,000,000

2001 The Very Best of the Eagles (2001)
(European compilation) #3 UK

2003 The Very Best of the Eagles (2003)
(compilation) #3 US, #27 UK
US Sales: 2,000,000

Hit singles

(from The Eagles)

1972 "Take It Easy" #12 US
1972 "Witchy Woman" #9 US
1972 "Peaceful Easy Feeling" #22 US

(from On the Border)

1974 "Already Gone" #32 US
1974 "Best of My Love" #1 US

(from One of These Nights)

1975 "One of These Nights" #1 US, #23 UK
1975 "Lyin' Eyes" #2 US, #23 UK
1975 "Take It to the Limit" #4 US, #12 UK

(from Hotel California)

1976 "New Kid in Town" #1 US, #20 UK
1977 "Hotel California" #1 US, #8 UK
1977 "Life in the Fast Lane" #11 US

(non-album single)

1978 "Please Come Home for Christmas" #18 US, #30 UK

(from The Long Run)

1979 "Heartache Tonight" #1 US, #40 UK
1979 "The Long Run" #8 US
1980 "I Can't Tell You Why" #8 US

(from Eagles Live)

1980 "Seven Bridges Road" #21 US

(from Hell Freezes Over)

1994 "Get Over It" #31 US

(from The Very Best of the Eagles)

2003 "Hole in the World" #69 US

A groundbreaking band that has greatly influenced
both popular and country music for four decades!

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