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Brian Regan is one of the best comedians performing today. His comedy, big enough for everyone, sharp enough for you, keeps audiences coming back time and again to see what’s new in the comedy world of Brian Regan.

In most minds, comedians who perform "clean" are generally not considered the same as those performers whose acts are more risqué. In the case of Brian Regan "clean" equates a streamlined and creative approach enthusiastically welcomed by audiences of every age and walk of life. Therefore, it is clear to see why Brian Regan has become one of the most sought after comics on stage and television today.

Though Regan readily admits that he was a big fan of Johnny Carson and a student of the comedy on "The Tonight Show" as a kid, his career in comedy didn’t begin to take shape until he was in Heidelberg College in Ohio. It was there, while playing football and majoring in accounting, that his football coach suggested he look into theater as a creative outlet. By the second year he was already on stage and a performing was forming.

An acting coach soon recognized Regan’s comedic timing and suggested that he do some stand-up to broaden his skills. The idea had been forming in the back of Regan’s mind for some time and the words of encouragement gave him the extra strength he needed to believe he could really make it work. He began working at the Comic Strip in his native South Florida, in 1981 as a host and cook, patiently awaiting his opportunity to appear on stage. Oftentimes, Brian had to wrap up his shows to flip burgers for the people in the crowd. "They might not have liked those early jokes, but boy did they love those burgers!" Over a two and a half year period, Regan actually became a better comic than cook. It was time to hit the road.

Although he was an instant success behind the microphone, Regan chose to acquire two and a half years of experience at the club before branching out. He quickly became the house MC on weekends, though it took him months before he had the guts to call himself a comedian. The period that followed, from 1984-87, was one of Regan’s most thrilling times, as he branched out to the road and made a smooth transition into middle act.

Regan has always had a sense of being a team player. During his progression from MC to middle act to headliner he remained respectful of other acts on the show, mainly due to his upbringing in a large family.

Brian was the forth of eight children (brother and fellow comedian Dennis was third oldest in a family of six boys and two girls) and he credits a "funny family" as being the basis for his now universal comedy. Building his act with a mixture of insightfulness and silly exaggeration, Regan made a name for himself touching on memories of childhood and family life that nearly everyone can relate to. Closely monitoring his development, Regan made the decision to make his break and move to New York City in 1986.

By 1988 Regan had earned his stripes as a full-fledged headliner. He had learned how to "push himself", fully understanding what it took to be a strong closer and knowing the tricks of the trade to win over audiences. He developed a persona, finding ways to take the generic and mix it with a silly, super absurd viewpoint to emerge with an act that is a grand tour of the basics of human behavior. His efforts culminated with his winning $10,000.00 in "The K-Rock Miller Lite Funniest Person in New York" contest that same year.

From there, all hell broke loose. Regan moved to headliner status and began nailing down national TV appearances: MTV Half Hour Comedy Hour, Pat Sajak, Arsenio Hall, and ... every comic’s dream - The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. By the early 90’s, Regan had developed into one of the best stand-up comedians in the country.

Whereas blue comedy and outrageousness will get you noticed in a hurry, Regan had chosen the road less taken and gradually was building his career brick by brick. His choice to keep the act "television friendly" has placed him in demand on both network and cable television.

Regan has done two specials for Showtime Television in the last few years, "Something’s Wrong With The Regan Boy" and "A Pair of Jokers", which teamed him up with brother Dennis. Other highlights in an endless stream of television appearances include his first spot on "The Tonight Show" starring Johnny Carson on which Regan sat panel, a feat that was previously unheard of for first time comedians on the show, "Late Night With David Letterman," a regular stint on Comedy Central as a host of "Short Attention Span Theater," and an appearance at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival’s Gala Performance for Showtime Television in Montreal.

1992 proved to be another banner year in Regan’s rocketing career. Besides continuing his work as one of the busiest club headliners in the business, Regan also performed for 80,000 people at University of Florida’s "Gator Growl" Homecoming. Following in the footsteps of performers such as Bob Hope, Bill Cosby, Robin Williams and Rodney Dangerfield, Regan had a "walk on water" night and won raves for his performance. Since then he has been consistently the best comic around and in 1997 finally captured the best stand-up award that arguably could have been given to him for the past eight years.

Regan’s die-hard fans continue to fill comedy clubs throughout the country. They know his act is constantly growing, constantly changing, and constantly challenging. So, just like you might enjoy the taste of a delicious comedy club burger, please enjoy the comedy of Brian Regan.

Acting is also something that Regan has his sights set on, but like the careful construction of his stand-up career, it will be a choice made for reasons of quality, not necessity. The comedy road ahead for Regan is not one he feels any great pressure about – he’s used to perpetual writing and roadwork and embraces it. His main goal in life sums up what makes the guy tick. "I want to be a better person away from comedy," says Regan warmly, "I’m comfortable with my career, my friends and family, but you can always be a better human being." With an act that rejoices in the life experience, the material will come. With a mind like Brian Regan’s he’ll be ready to see it for what it is worth and translate it into comedy. "Clean comedy" doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Brian Regan - proof positive.

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Brian Regan - The Epitome Of Hyperbole  (DVD - 2008)

Brian Regan is back in this all-new Comedy Central special, The Epitome of Hyperbole. Watch as he exposes the truth behind psychics, discusses the stupidest crimes, and offers his suggestions on how to improve the opera. With his easygoing manner and physical brand of humor, it’s clear why Brian Regan is one of today’s most respected comedians.

(The Epitome of Hyperbole includes the following routines:)

1. Reading
2. Movies and Parties
3. Art and Language
4. Law
5. TV
6. Space
7. Marriage

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Brian Regan - Standing Up  (DVD - 2007)

Straight off a coast-to-coast tour and into your living room, this concert film captures Brian Regan at his best. Butterflies, show horses, and greeting cards are no match when this master of standup grabs the microphone. His comedy—big enough for everyone, sharp enough for you—makes him one of the hottest acts in standup today. The DVD features the complete Comedy Central special along with an encore performance not shown in the original Comedy Central broadcast and Brian's Comedy Central Presents half hour special as a bonus.

(Standing Up includes the following routines:)

1. Driving
2. Language Stuff
3. Flying
4. Greeting Cards
5. Kids
6. TV Shows
7. Politics
8. News

DVD Extras
2000 Comedy Central Presents… Brian Regan

1. Food Labels
2. Serving Sizes
3. Lay off Dairy
4. Cranberries
5. Pop Tarts
6. Yoga
7. Health Clubs
8. Strong Man Shows
9. Food Combinations
10. Peanut Butter and Jelly
11. Chef Boyardee
12. Pizza/Pie
13. IHOP
14. Eye Exam

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Brian Regan - I Walked on the Moon  (DVD - 2003)

I Walked on the Moon is Brian's hysterical debut DVD. Shot in 2003, this hour of stand-up comedy covering topics from emergency room visits to dinner party braggarts is what has made Brian Regan one of the premier comedians working today.

(I Walked On The Moon includes the following routines:)

1. Emergency Room
2. Visiting The Doctor
3. Food
4. UPS
5. Refrigerator
6. Phones and Codes
7. Airline Stuff
8. Inventions
9. Eye Doctor
10. Dinner Party

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Brian Regan Live!  (CD - 1997)

Brian's debut CD, Brian Regan Live!, was taped at the Improvisation Comedy Club in Irvine, California in 1997. Featuring some of Brian's classic routines, including many recollections of what it was like growing up in a family of eight kids, this signature CD makes clear why Brian Regan is one of today's most sought after comedians.


1. You Too & Stuff
2. Hooked On Phonix
3. Crank Calls
4. Stupid In School
5. Lousy In Little League
6. Monster Truck Drivers
7. Horns & Windshields
8. Seatbelts
9. Log Trucks
10. Blasting Zone
11. Evel Knievel
12. Fishing On T.V.
13. Whale Noises
14. Flipper & Gentle Ben
15. Belly Buttons
16. Kid's Party Games
17. Big Family Stuff
18. Peanut Butter & Jelly
19. Donut Lady
20. Health Club Stuff
21. Spider Webs & Bees
22. Elevators & Faces
23. Animals
24. Dog Barking

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